Educube™ ERP is a school management software offering easy and better control on various processes in the education institution. With an unparalleled and easy to use interface, our school information management system changes tedious and repetitive processes in the organization to simple and efficient ones. This school ERP software helps in saving a lot of time, money and energy, leading to better performance of the staff and students. Thereby, benefiting all the stakeholders, be it the Teacher, Principal, Administrator, Student, Management or the Parents.

Educube ERP is cloud optimized and handy Educational software as it is also available on mobile platforms. The non compromised security for every user transaction and a quick response comes in as a boon for the staff, helping reduce their paperwork drastically. This in turn gives more time for better communication between the teachers and parents and leads to an enhanced all-round development of the child through better engagement.



Educube™ is a Service Oriented Architecture based solution that is available as a multi-tenant solution, deployed on one of the world’s best cloud platforms - IBM Cloud


Educube™ empowers its users and administrators to take complete control on the system with its highly configurable and modular solution, that helps administrators and teachers to build their own reports and forms on the go


Access Educube™ on the go with native mobile app for Android and iOS


Educube™ is highly secure with multi-layered security across the deployment and data encryption is enabled at all times during transaction and storage


Educube™ is deployed on highly reliable cloud infrastructure ensuring high performance and swift response to users



Educube™ ERP (formerly known as is a web based cloud based and SaaS solution by Globals for K-12 schools and higher education institutions. It serves to be the best application to accelerate the entire functioning of an institution smoothly. We have designed this application, keeping in mind the complete processes during an academic phase like administration work, student life-cycle management, curriculum management, resource management, library management, finance management, admissions, examination management, timetable management, accounting, payroll, inventory and much more.

With this single integrated Educube™ ERP school management solution, educational institutes can now confidently manage both internal and external processes. To emphasize, the decision making capabilities of an institution will certainly improve with our cost effective and easy to access web based application, Educube™ ERP.

Started in 2000 from a cyber cafe in Bangalore by Suhas Gopinath at the age of 14 years, Globals has now grown drastically to a multinational company with its presence in over 11 countries across the world. With worldwide recognition, Globals strives to offer outstanding quality solutions for educational institutions with its focus of empowering educators to achieve their objectives.

Globals with the mission of facilitating clients to significantly reduce their operational costs offers best in class solution in E-Commerce, Mobile and the Web. Globals in order to cater the needs of various industries that function at large scales like Government, Finance and Education, develops many web-based applications. Our excellent stewardship in offering quality services to our clients has given us experience and a strong position in the industry and we will continue the same with our remarkable expertise and successful technology innovation. Globals is the Winner of Deloitte Technology Fast50 2011 and Deloitte Technology Fast500 2011 Awards. The Economist Recognized Globals as one of the India’s fastest growing technology companies which westerners fear and admire.


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An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is an institution-wide or enterprise-wide information system designed to co-ordinate various activities not only within a department but also across different departments. This integrates all the resources, information and other activities needed by the institution to function. An ERP is characterized by its support to a wide range of functions such as admissions, fees, payroll, attendance, report card generation, lesson planning, etc. In a nutshell an ERP system is a convergence of the institution in the true sense. It makes for a more efficient and profitable institution.

There are many benefits of using an ERP. Some of them are:

Greater communication and integration between departments.

Enhanced profitability while maintaining quality.

More value-added relationships.

Higher customer service levels, better handling of customer expectations.

Reduction in costs

Some of the salient features of the Educube™ ERP are its 24X7 availability, highly secure nature, scalability, optimization for cloud deployment, access across a variety of mobile devices. Educube™ ERP can be configured and customized to the specific requirements of an institution.

It’s great that your school has 100% results and almost full admissions every year. However some points to ponder are:

How much time do your teachers spend in administrative work like attendance reports?

What is the mechanism used to keep in touch with parents?

From our experience in working with more than 100 schools, we understand that running a school is really not easy. There are a lot of processes that have to be followed in running the school effectively. Educube™ ERP provides the tools to add value to your staff and teachers helping you to reduce the operational costs as well as bring about greater efficiencies in your existing processes.

Having a personal relationship between teachers and parents is wonderful. Parents, we are sure would be extremely glad for such a relationship with the teachers. However some points to ponder on are typically Parent Teacher meetings are done about 3-4 times a year and that is the only time a parent can know about their child’s performance, successes, assignment record, attendance, etc. With Educube™ ERP parents can access the child’s information whenever they want. In the current society when sometimes both parents are working, it becomes very difficult for parents to visit school to meet class teachers very often (Parents should definitely take time out for this). But as a school, it would be amazing and a great value to parents if you are able to provide information at their fingertips. Educube™ ERP allows your school to:

Send an SMS to the parent when their child is absent from school. This would be of so much help especially when children are in their crucial 10th/ 12th standard.

Automated e-mails and SMS messages can be sent to parents to keep them informed about the activities of the school. Almost all the parents have mobile phones these days and this would be an easy an immediate means of communication.

As a case study we would like to cite an example of a child in a school where we have implemented Educube™ ERP. The child was studying in 3rd grade and very naughty. He hated to do homework and each day when his father and mother asked him, he said there is no homework given. His results were not great and the parents were quite anxious. After our implementation in that school they got an SMS everyday “Home work for today: English, Lesson 3, write Question & Answers”. It was both helpful for the teacher and the parents

As long as the users can have access to a computer with an internet connection they will be able to use the Educube™ ERP system deployed for your school. The users can use the system not only on the school premises but also remotely from their homes, or on the go on a mobile device like a laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Educube™ ERP is designed as a web based application which allows you to use it without installing anything on your systems. To use, it is similar to how you would use a web based mail service like Hotmail, Gmail, Rediffmail or social media sites like Facebook, Orkut, Google+.

Every authorized user will be given a unique user iD and password which they can use to access Educube™ ERP.

Through Educube™ ERP, you can track the defaulters, add fines and send reminders to parents automatically.

You can also get a report on the last day of the payment of the fees as to who are the students who haven’t paid the fees. You can also integrate the online payment gateway so that parents can pay fees online (say this only if it is a big school where parents are of a background where they will pay online fees). Reminders are automatically sent to a parent’s mobile.

Fees management in Educube™ ERP is integrated with Tally. As soon as fees are collected, the same can be updated in Tally as an income head at the click of a button. You need re-enter the same data separately in Tally. This also allows for consistency of data.

Educube™ ERP allows you to create fee structures, indicate payment collections as per the payment schedule, keep track of the fees paid in different modes like cash, cheque, demand draft, etc

Educube™ ERP has been developed after thorough research and an in-depth analysis on the situations faced by a school, enabling us to address practical problems at the school level. Moreover, we are closely associated with very senior and experienced academicians and educationists, some of them also serving on our advisory board. We draw on their knowledge and expertise to constantly enhance Educube™ ERP and provide you these updates without any additional cost.

We have developed Educube™ ERP on the latest technologies to enable a best in class user experience.

Being available on the cloud, not needing additional investments in hardware, providing flexibility to schools to configure and customize, integrating new functionalities and modules, working with third party legacy solutions are just some of the things that make us stand out from the competition.

Educube™ ERP is unique because of two things: Product and People.

At a product level, a comprehensive end-to-end solution to manage the processes of a school, post-implementation support (both online and onsite), high quality training, scalability of the solution, etc allows us to boast of many satisfied clients and users.

Even more importantly it is the people associated with Educube™ ERP that make it unique. Whether it is an implementation specialist who is deploying the product, the trainer who is helping the users, field persons who are identifying the solutions or the management team, everybody at Globals ITeS Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing the state of the art technology solutions to better the functioning of our partner schools.

We would be happy to integrate Educube™ ERP with a third party application that a partner school would like to use, however this should be technologically feasible.

Educube™ ERP enables you to send notifications via SMS to the mobile phones of parents, students, teachers, administrators or any other person that the school authorities deem necessary.

Educube™ ERP is well-suited to regular updates and allows for seamless integration of all updates into the existing system so that there is no disruption in the use of Educube™ ERP at the school level.

Modules are present in Educube™ ERP are student & staff management, academic calendar, attendance, curriculum, admission, internal messaging, notice board, time table, notifications, online assignments, performance, marks card/report cards, events, alumni, bus management, health monitoring, fees management, front office reporting, lesson planning, question bank, online quiz, feedback mechanism, hostel management, payroll management, inventory management, accounting package integration, role management, ad-hoc reporting.

Institutions and schools who are using Educube™ ERP have found that Educube™ ERP greatly improves efficiency, reduces the instances of multiple entry of data, reduces operational costs, allows the school to engage with the stakeholders, facilitates faster reporting & decision making, and allows for greater monitoring

Educube™ ERP works as a web based application, hence it does not require any separate installation across campuses. Once Educube™ ERP is deployed for an institution all the campuses can connect to it. Furthermore Educube™ ERP has functionalities that allow all the campuses to be integrated and be managed as one complete institution.

Development is done on C# and, Design is done using HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript, and the database is Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

The requirement in terms of hardware to use a web based ERP solution like Educube™ ERP is extremely low. Educube™ ERP allows users of the application to access it from anywhere at any point in time. This is done by using any widely available browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. and it functions like any other web based application like Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. There is no requirement to set-up a separate software on a system to use Educube™ ERP.

However, in the case of a client server architecture there is significant expenditure in acquiring the necessary hardware for the deployment. Additionally each and every machine needs to have the application installed for it to access the application. This severely restricts the usability of the application.

Educube™ ERP is a proprietary application created by Globals ITeS Pvt. Ltd. and hence the source code will not be provided to the institution.

In addition to the online as well as offsite support, typically we provide a person as a hand-holding resource at the school premises. They will be deployed for that particular school & will be responsible for supporting the school in using Educube™ ERP.



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